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From coast to coast, from the mountain tops to the depths of the wasteland's sands, it is the myriad stories from the countless people who populate the World Primordant which turn its gears, move its wheels, and tell its tales. Kings and generals, thieves and scholars, bitter foes and boon companions all carry the flavors of civilization and the wilds back and forth across the continent.

Some personalities are larger than life, their history and presence echoing across the national borders. Some folk are simpler, with a far more private mien and introspective impact upon the world. Millions churn the dust of the roads and foam of the seas between the two, carrying their narratives of good and evil, love and hate, peace and war, and above all life and death.

Some of the prominent and infamous souls from the World Primordant are a tale worth telling, if only in an outline of what may or may not be known to adventurers and their contacts. Others still have been tagged by history and live on as lessons in glory and infamy. Their failures and successes resonate throughout the land and send ripples that affect many.

  • Bandy Bower

  • Gathelik infiltrator in service to the Banded Master of Krajnarod
  • Barkspitter

  • Leader of forces at Fort Clawstrike in Breistea
  • Bebyega

  • Mother of the Crane Harpies. One of the Perils of Ssssillintith
  • Belda Migal

  • Mustadi rogue on the run from the wrath of the Muik Kush
  • Hun-Batz

  • Divine Champion of the Shebolleth
  • Infi

  • Scion of the Zolet Fes
  • Isly Miles

  • Squad Leader - Crimson Battalion - 224th Squad - "Silver Wings"
  • Kaspar Hedz

  • Lieutenant, Crimson Battalion - North Range Patrols
  • Khomossum

  • The Creeping Scourge. One of the Perils of the Ssssillintith
  • Lashowl

  • Displacer beast companion of the Archment
  • Llynwiddie Arnt

  • Fox andra sorceress, de-facto mayor of Fort Clawstrike in Breistea
  • Loren Mur

  • Political Leader of northern Myat in the Bephalon Union
  • Mittrimullum

  • Massive Shambling Mound. One of the Five Perils of Ssssillintith
  • Morel

  • Myconid seer of the Sypstsea Wastes
  • Omec Saul

  • Captain, Crimson Batallion - North Range Patrols
  • Putney Kaneau

  • Retired, Pine Battalion, 315 Squad, The Bonewinners; Owner-proprietor of Scowlwares
  • Rauf

  • Wanderer of the Syptsea
  • Shasori

  • Spirit Naga, One of the Five Perils of the Ssssillintith Swamp
  • Tawas Kallu

  • Etsarch of Central Iontia; Sufferagen of the Faith Inquisitas
  • Teanuik

  • Scribe and squire of Bandy Bower
  • The Archment

  • Indomitable and ageless, this treant lopes along the Sunscrape Mountains
  • Thrushreith

  • Fellbark. One of the the Perils of the Ssssillintith
  • Yellowdawn

  • Common leader of the people of southern Myat in the Bephalon Union.
  • Yerbrecht Musmin

  • Ocrussan High Priest of the United Heart Of The Forlorn Faith
  • Yoncarlo Nedg

  • Heavy infantry - Crimson Battalion - 107th squad "The Night Swords"

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