Type of Game

Slow Progression

Level progression will be slow. You will not level up every 2-3 sessions but I will keep it interesting.

Low Magic Items

Magic items will be much more rare and much more meaningful (sort of like in Aer) but don’t expect to see a magic item every level.

Open World

No areas will be restricted so you will quite often run into things that could kill you quickly. Embrace “RUN AWAY” more often. I will try to give plenty of description that will give you enough warning if you are in an area that you cannot handle but I will let you proceed if you wish to.


Checks will require more description. There will be no “I make a perception check” and everyone follows suit. You must declare WHAT it is you are looking for and no one else can help. There will be no Arcana checks for “sensing” magic. You must have the Detect Magic spell and use it to accomplish this.

Larger Emphasis on the Small Things

I will track each PC’s wealth and encumbrance and they will matter. Lifestyle expenses will be deducted daily but will supply you with the basic needs. Food and Water – We will be using this differently. If it has not been declared, it will affect performance and the rules for it will apply.

PCs Are Outsiders

The PCs are from the fringes of society. None are from urban areas or have had much interaction with urban areas. They live on the “outside” of most major societies. (This will enhance the exploration theme)

PCs Are Outliers

The PCs have the small qualities and experiences that add up to make them Outliers. They stand out. They have a better shot at success for some reason. (Inspired by ‘Outliers’ by Malcom Gladwell)

Cinematic Combat

Firstly, on your turn you should summarize what the previous person did and add in with great detail how and when you do your thing in comparison to that. Secondly, narration and roleplaying will be separate of the dice. So if you want to “slash 3 or 4 time quickly across his chest” you can do that. Its still your single attack roll though. Also, if I describe how an orc misses and stumbles over you, that does NOT give you any advantage dice-wise unless I add that to the description. Its merely for description and narration purposes.


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