The Lived

“What is the continuous push of life? Some intangible emotion or force? Or a barrier between the intellectual and the ignorant? A epiphany of assessments brought forth from the first dawn, and acted upon by the ears of listeners, has carried it’s way through generations of uniform life and death.

Why do we strive to better ourselves on a daily basis if you die just the same as me? Seems like a waste. Through my eyes, it’s the unknown. Things bereft of truth, amplification, and elaboration. Beginning as a concept and ending as an instinct. Some let go, and some forget about everything there is to never neglect. Some ponder, but never as much as me. Militia. The Religious. The Rich. They all have little time for overall evaluation of cerebral theories.

The Young attempt to gain such knowledge, but still commonly strife due to lack of experience. Distracted from it all, from what subsistence brought to us. Food of the mind. The will birthed from your skull, if to be a flower in a field of a million identical species concealed between skin and bone. Hidden from the outside, but exposed to The Lived."


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