The Greater Age of Creation

Welcome to the world of Kandalur, a realm of magic and mystery, rich with lore. The Ancient Primordials forged the world from the very elements of creation and the Ancient Gods filled it with life. The Ancient Primordials and the Ancient Gods (often referred to collectively as ‘the Ancients’) saw the world differently with the primordials wishing it to remain in constant chaos as a crucible of creation, being reforged for all time. The gods wished it to be filled with life to serve them and their purposes. This led to the Dawn War.

The Ancients collided in battle that shook the heavens and reformed much of the world. Gods and primordials waged war across the Planes of Existence, from high in the Astral Sea to the very depths of the Elemental Chaos. The Upper Planes and the Lower Planes were torn apart from the trials of war. One great battle, tore at the very fabric of space, destroying an ancient device known as the Living Gate allowing the first incursion from the Far Realm. Pelor has since secretly sealed the remains of the gate deep within his palace but the damage had been done. The Far Realm had discovered the world. Some think that rebuilding the Living Gate would end the connection to the Far Realm but Pelor disagrees.

The battles waged on until finally, the gods emerged victorious. By this time, the alpha race known as the dingir had become something else entirely. Recruiting by the gods during the war led to a heavy divide in beliefs, cultures, and rituals. The once proud race was almost gone and three major divisions remained; the elves, the orcs, and the humans. During the war, the Ancient God Moradin called forth life from the very rock of the mountains and it later became the dwarves and gnomes of the world. In the wake of the Dawn War, thousands of dragons were spawned by the death of Io. They created the dragonborn to serve them. Some races were tainted by jealous gods. Lolth attracted elves and corrupted them. Asmodeus made a pact with humans that led to the tiefling race. The Ancient Gods were dividing themselves much as the races in the world were.


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