Sonnet of the Threatened Queen

“I’m drowning. I’m drowning. This ocean of pain,

has encumbered my soul and made me insane.
I kissed the sun and whispered to the moon, asking for its tides to release me soon.

Kings may die and may the winds, they soar,
A sad endless sea of memories washed ashore.
Some beggars may dream and other nobles will weep,
May this chaos in chains never begin to seep.

I come to you, Mother, with such a sullen heart,
Cause over and over we tear ourselves apart
We drag on, and drag on, dying in gloom.
Long, awaiting and manufacturing our doom.

I’m drowning, I’m drowning. This ocean of pain.
Bring me the dawn and let night only wane.
Surely, The Sun embraced her kiss of life,
Only, the moon glistened down with the point of a knife."


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