Important NPCs

Queen Aeris Silverwind

Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her, nearly thirty years ago. When she came of age, power was given back to her and she became the rightful Queen of Aramanthir. She quickly condemned the Battle of the Fallen Star.


Arguably, the most infamous warlord in the history of Kandalur, Akuran appeared shortly after the Great Silence and rose to power quickly. Rumors have traveled all of Kandalur speaking of his deeds and the power he possesses. None have described him the same. Orc. Giant. Demon. And worse. Whatever he is, Akuran is conquering lands quickly along the Cradled Coast.

Brother Alphas Gladerion

He was an influential priest from the Dawn Sanctuary before the Great Silence. Since, he has started a new order that gained a massive following. He resurrected the ancient order known as the Keepers of Forbidden Lore.

King Arcus Greythule

Crowned after his father died, King Arcus Greythule now rules over the kingdom of Alheim. In a kingdom so rich with tradition and power, the young king is struggling to keep Alheim together since the Great Silence.

The Master of Moons

The mysterious leader of the moon elves walks the forests by moonlight, watching over his people. One of the oldest souls in Kandalur, the Master of Moons may see and know more than the average being.


The Aldestan philosopher Orujin is making waves throughout the Shattered Kingdoms. His scrolls and speeches on religion, politics, and life are being well accepted by some and hatefully rejected by others.


Arguably, the most successful warlord in the history of Kandalur, this fearsome orc and his Broken Stone Tribe have conquered much of the coast of the Sea of Legends. After renouncing both the Wild and Gruumsh, Rahduk vowed to “set the west on fire.”

Rhyannon Rhykker Naul

A noble turned warlord, Rhykker Naul poses the only proximity threat to the Kingdom of Alheim. He has conquered lands and burned villages along the southern coast of the Crystal Sea.

The Sovereign Star

The chosen ruler of the eladrin rules from Starview and watches over the eladrin and moon elves of K’ndara Thaen. She is one of the few beings in Kandalur with direct relationships to the Court of Stars.


The demonic orc resides in the Forgotten Lands of the Erelhei Dominion. He grows in power as a high-ranking warlock amongst the Wild. Some say his pact with demons is what gave the orcs of the Wild their demonic blood.


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