Greater Ancient Age

Ancient lands, far to the west and the north, were once the center of a great empire. The empire known as Arkhosia was the most ancient civilized ruling in written history. Much of that history was lost due to a later conflict with the empire of Bael Turath. What is known is that the death of Io (the spawning of Bahamut & Tiamat), led to the birthing of thousands upon thousands of dragons across the mortal realm. Many of these dragons mastered their blood-lined dragonborn kin and began to build a great empire in honor of the dragon. 
Architecture resembled the jagged edges yet firm foundations of dragonkind. Some locations radiated with Bahamut’s beauty and justice while others kept to the shadowy ways and devious plots of Tiamat. A truly great empire was rising from the ashes of the Dawn War. At its peak however, a devilish fiend was rising in the south…

It is well documented that leaders of Bael Turath swore pacts with devils to solidify their hold over the enormous territory. The devils took hold and ruled the empire through the newly birthed tieflings. Bael Turath rose in power with such fantastic settlements as Vor Rukoth and Vor Kragal leading the way. This fast-rising empire soon ran into a big, winged problem. The Great War of Arkhosia & Bael Turath had begun.

Sometime near the end of the war, a tiefling warlock made a powerful pact to ensure victory but something went awry. Legend says that the Fortress of the Final Pact still exists somewhere in Kandalur.


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