A Flawed People

Roll 1d6
On an odd number, go to Chart 1 and roll 1d20.
On an even number, go to Chart 2 and roll 1d20.

Chart 1

  1. Compulsively hoards junk looted from enemies or found in dungeons.
  2. Misplaces things.
  3. Totally colorblind.
  4. Thinks he is very good at something but is not.
  5. Shaky hands.
  6. Hums a specific tune when nervous.
  7. Cannot function without your ‘lucky charm’ from the Trinkets Table (PHB 160-161).
  8. Has a family member you must send X amount of money to each month.
  9. Has a blackmailer you must send X amount of money to each month.
  10. Has an imaginary friend.
  11. “I feel the need to explain things in great detail to everyone, no matter how much they say they know what I’m talking about.”
  12. “Blood just really freaks me out, you know?”
  13. “I will often cause trouble because I get bored easily”.
  14. You constantly repeat yourself.
  15. You rarely bathe.
  16. You have complete faith for one of your companions (roll to determine).
  17. You have complete faith in a specific class (roll to determine).
  18. You have complete faith in a specific race (roll to determine).
  19. You have complete faith in a specific organization (ask the DM).
  20. You have absolutely no sense of how to use sarcasm or metaphorical speech.

Chart 2

  1. You talk to inanimate objects flawlessly, but stutter in front of people.
  2. You are a compulsive gambler and can’t refuse a wager.
  3. You find it hilarious when one of your companions gets angry.
  4. You have an addiction (work with DM).
  5. You wish you were born a different race (work with DM).
  6. You have a very strange superstition (see Superstition Chart).
  7. You despise every race other than your own.
  8. You like to waste money.
  9. You are terrible with money.
  10. You absolutely refuse to trust one of your party members (roll to determine).
  11. You feel sorry for everyone.
  12. You hate loud and bright places.
  13. You find it almost impossible to seek help for any reason.
  14. You have a trinket that you would KILL to keep (PHB 160-161).
  15. I always want to please everyone and always compromise.
  16. Your vocabulary is somewhat limited.
  17. You frequently misunderstand what people say.
  18. I tell it like it is, always tell the truth, and never hold my tongue.
  19. You feel immediate remorse after every kill.
  20. You can never find the word that you are looking for.

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