Island Kingdom of Monroe - Kingdom

The Maritime power of the Eastern Archipelago is also the youngest country recognized by the Archipelago Judicature.  Monroe has a unique system of government where four independent officers plus one Admiral share administrative power over the seven islands.  The Lord of the Islands is responsible for the defense of the islands.  He has direct control of the Home Fleet, the island regular army, Port authorities and the island levees.  The Lord of  Coin is responsible for enforcing taxes and has control of the island purse.  The First Merchant has control of  the merchant fleets and over-sees all shipping and trade both foreign and domestic.  The Court of Merchant Law passes all laws in Monroe and runs all seven of the islands courts.  They also oversee the prison compounds and the press-gangs.  The First Admiral has final say in all dealings with foreign powers and war.   He or she can be challenged by a three quarters majority in the CML.  The Admiral is chosen by the people every five years.  Once elected, they will appoint the four officers if they so please or those already in office may be retained.  Monroe trades more than any other country in the archipelago.  They have even established routes with the Far Ports of the Bottems.  


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