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Snowpeak, Love, CG; Under this spirit's domain, "love" refers to many different types of relationships, and may better be described as a bond: between a parent and a child, between siblings, between pets and owners, and yes, between lovers. The most common prayer devoted to Lanyru is the traveler's prayer for kindness--that if you become lost or injured on the long, snowy road, even a stranger would be moved by love to help you.


(lower) Hyrule Field, Agriculture and Craft, NG; Often referred to as the village spirit, Ordona presides over the rudimentary building blocks of civilization. Agriculture, craft, and the hearth are all dedicated to her. She is much celebrated and beloved among rural areas, but sometimes snubbed as the "lowest" of the three civilization spirits.


Eldin Mountains, Earth and Tradition, LG; Like earth and stone, tradition stays solid and unchanging throughout the centuries--until it suddenly doesn't. While Eldin is often invoked by Goron elders as the keeper of tradition, it's best to remember that just as an erupting volcano can melt stone and reform landscapes, so can revolution overthrow longheld tradition, and Eldin presides over both these aspects.


Haunted Forest, Illusion and Fortune, CN; The patron of thieves, Faron has gotten his hands on the most domains of all the spirits. Among the list are: illusion, fortune, trickery, mischief, poetry, lover's affairs, rumor, and secrets. This list leaves little wonder to why he lives deep in the Haunted Woods, or perhaps, he the one haunting what otherwise would have been a perfectly normal forest ...


(upper) Hyrule Field, Magic and Knowledge, TN; The second spirit of civilization, Farore presides over magic, knowledge, and the fine arts. While magic flows freely throughout all races in Hyrule and anyone is allowed to practice it, land in the upper Hyrule Field is reserved for the nobility, and all the best learning institutes are located here or within Castle City. The life of a scholar or a certified magic-user is seen as a higher calling, and many second-children of noble families are pledged to these institutes at a young age.


Gerudo Desert, Dead, TN; Din is the spirit of the dead, not of death itself. He is often misinterpreted however; many rulers and military leaders worship him as a spirit of power as well, in that he will grant the power to slay one's enemies to those he favors. Mighty kingdoms have risen under those who fly his banner, but so have many more uprisings. As much power as Din may grant a leader or an army, so will he grant the next generation to overthrow them, and all become his subjects in death.


Castle City, Justice, LN; The highest spirit of civilization, Nayru's domains are justice, law, and philosophy. The royal family claims her as their patron spirit, second only to the Golden Goddess herself. Royal and upper nobility paladins often pledge their vows under her oath, and many first-born children strive to achieve a rank as a royal soldier or, for the less combat inclined, as a lawyer or professor ... or tax collector. 


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