Snowpeak Valley - Region

Snowpeak Valley
  • Parent: Atlas
  • Population: 6,000
  • Spirit: Lanayru (love, kindness)
  • Climate: Arctic; 20-30 F (-6 to -1 C)
  • Terrain: Tundra, Mountains
  • Borders: Lower Hyrule Fields (east), Eldin Mountains (north), Great Sea (west and south)
  • Towns: Heliam High, Low Lodge, Goron Settlement, Mining Camp
  • Notable Locations: High Manor, Low Lodge, Mountainside Patrol Station, Lakeside Patrol Station

To the Southwest, directly below the Eldin mountain ranges, Snowpeak Valley experiences a very sudden climate shift. With much less lava much deeper below, and only one mountain surrounded by hills, this region experiences the cold western winds coming off the ocean and has a chilly climate with frequent snowfall. Several hot springs do run through the area though, and the hills see progressively less snowfall the further east they run. Snowpeak Valley really only has one town to speak of, and otherwise tends more toward rugged individuals retreated into the wilderness and luxurious hot springs resorts, along with one small Goron outpost.

Mining Boom

The valley town in the center of the region has recently seen a surge in growth and population within the last generation, thanks to the Heliam family. They invested heavily in a mining operation at Snowpeak Mountain, and it paid off tremendously. Now the iron and steel their mines and forges produce supply the Paladin Patrol with weapons, armor, and other equipment. Made into the newest noble house for their efforts, the Heliam family renamed the town after their house and transformed it from a sleepy mountain village to an engineering wonder. Metal buildings rise taller than ever seen before, and the great forges keep the city warm and well lit.


The Snowpeak Valley region has a reputation for harboring bandits and all sorts of other criminals. This reputation is part sensationalist rumor, part racism, and partly deserved. Most of the individuals living in secluded cabins--or even caves--are simply hermits and mountaineers who prefer a quiet life. Not every person who wishes to live away from other people harbors a dark criminal past, and rumors of thieves and murderers stem from salacious gossip.

A higher population of Bulblins also live in this region, secluded away from Hylians on frozen mountain land no one else wants. For the most part, they keep to themselves and don't bother travelers. The Paladin Patrol often provides scheduled escorts through the valley anyway, so the majority of traveling Hylians have never even seen a Bulblin in this area, much less been threatened by one.

Public Service Announcement

However, it must be admitted that occasionally opportunistic individuals do take advantage of the difficulties in communication and law enforcement out in the tundra wilderness. But most often, these crimes are committed by people within a traveling group against each other, upon the realization that they are far away from civilization and laws and accountability. "Bandits did it" is an easy explanation for the horrors committed in the wilderness.


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