Lower Hyrule Fields - Region

Lower Hyrule Fields
  • Parent: Atlas
  • Population: 7,000
  • Spirit: Ordona (agriculture, craft)
  • Climate: Cold, Foggy; 50-60 F (10-15 C)
  • Terrain: Grassland, some Forest
  • Borders: Snowpeak Hills (west), Lost Woods (north), Hylia Bay (east), Great Sea (south)
  • Towns: Ordona Village, Lurelin Village, the Crossroads
  • Notable Locations: Ordona Forest, Hylia Lake, Ordona Ranch, Apple Grove, North Lookout Post, South Lookout Post

In the southernmost middle portion of Hyrule lies the Lower Fields. Colder and wetter than their northern counterpart, the Lower Fields suffers from ocean wind and fog, with frequent rain and the occasional storm. It’s also the most diverse region, with hills to the west, grassy flatlands in the middle, the Haunted Woods encroaching from the north, and an ocean shoreline in the east. The south portion of the fields drops off into cliffs that take the brunt of the ocean waves and wind.



The majority of the common people live here, mainly consisting of humans and elves. The Crossroads is the biggest city of the Lower Fields due to being a popular travel stop, but there are also plenty of farms and ranches spread throughout the countryside, two villages, and two lookout posts stationed with Paladin Patrol units. Altogether, this totals more people than most travelers expect, and festival days can get quite rowdy.


Bulblins frequently try to settle pieces of unoccupied land here, typically to be driven back into the hills to the west. Usually this is a matter of much shouting and sulking, with the occasional “Paladin Patrol soldier” — local farmer with stick — assisting with said shooing. Some monsters may crawl out of the hill caves or from the sea, but they tend to be small and easily dealt with. The most common "monster" is the ChuChu, a nearly senseless, witless blob of vaguely sentient ooze. They're too slow to be considered much of a threat, but they usually move in herds and will consume anything through slow digestion. Yes, anything includes you. But the cycle of life continues, and ChuChus themselves are often killed for their "Jelly," a common potion ingredient.


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