Hyrule Kingdom

Hyrule Kingdom
  • Population: 100,000
  • Capital: Castle City
  • Geography: Diverse
  • Primary Deity: the Golden Goddess
  • Currency: Rupees
  • Imports: black oil, fragrance oils, gold, silver, precious jewels, explosives
  • Exports: silk, fleece, wool, lumber, iron, steel

The kingdom of Hyrule is a small but proud nation featuring diverse geographical terrains and races. While humans, elves, and half-elves comprise the majority of the citizen population, Goron citizens have settlements to the west, while Lizalfos and -blin races squat in the mountains as residents but not citizens. The Gerudo were once a part of Hyrule as well, but they seceded and formed their own nation a few generations ago. Relations between the Hyrulian monarchy and the Gerudo Nation have been tense ever since.


Hyrule uses rupees as currency, with denominations signified by color. When trading with other nations, rupees are often divided into three tiers: copper, silver, and gold. Green and blue rupees fall under the "copper" tier, valued at 1 and 5. Yellow, red, and purple rupees make up the "silver" tier, with values of 10, 20, and 50, respectively. Silver and gold rupees are grouped in the "gold" tier at 100 and 200. Rural areas rarely see rupees above red or purple, while silver and gold are standard market trade in Castle City.

Some nations--led by the Gerudo Nation--posit that Hyrule's rupee currency is overinflated, as 100 rupees is only equal to one gold coin. The Hylian monarchy has responded, in more or less words, that the Gerudo are just jealous one of their gold coins is only equal to one silver rupee. Trade negotiations have not fared especially well since then.



Hylians primarily worship the Golden Goddess, who holds particular significance with the royal family, as they claim the women in their lineage are descended from the Goddess herself. They pass down the star piece of Wisdom from princess to princess, who all bear the title Zelda, as a relic of the Pentaforce created by the Golden Goddess to keep balance in the world. The locations of the four other pieces have been lost to time, although there are always rumors and legends.

Aside from the Golden Goddess, spirit worship is also popular within Hyrule. Each province has a local spirit they claim as a patron, and many people will worship the Goddess along with their local spirit. These spirits embody different aspects of life and alignments, so some may choose to honor a spirit from a different region to reflect their personal values or lifestyle.


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