The Emerald Expanse - Region

The Emerald Expanse is what remains of the forest land that once extended almost halfway across the continent of Avonia. The elves of the Empire of the Green Crown occupy this land, and generally keep to themselves. They do not let outsiders into their lands often, but have recently begun to transition from their isolationist ways.

The flora here is lush and varied, and the wildlife is just as diverse. 


The Emerald Expanse is a large swath of various kinds of trees, shrubbery, grasses, and general woodland. Most of the area here is thick, entangled forest, with very tall and wide trees. The Emerald Expanse is the only place where Ironwood trees grow, a pine fir characterized by extreme durability, and used by elves to create elite sets of plated armor. There are several rivers that run through the Expanse, and a thin stretch of mountains, where the Elven Capital, Aen’Shaed, resides.


When the Elemental Lords appeared on the material plane, they reshaped much of the terrain. They covered much of the land in earth and tree and overgrowth, and birthed the humanoid races. For a long time, the Elves were the primary humanoid power on Avonia. They worshipped the Elemental Lords, and ruled the Great Forest with an iron fist. Any non-elf race was subjugated to slavery, and eventually a revolution ensued. The non-elven races broke from their subjugation, and through technological experimentation and guerrilla warfare, pushed their masters back. Eventually, the slave rebellion gained sovereignty of much of Avonia, and the Elves were forced to claim sovereignty over the remaining forests on the Northeastern tip of the continent. Until recently, they kept any non-elf from entering, but political relations have begun to change all across Avonia and young elves wish to leave their forest isolation.


  • Fortress Andwynne

  • An ancient border keep and the final bastion between the Empire of the Green Crown and outside forces.
  • River Andwynne

  • A long river that cuts down from the mountains within the Emerald Expanse, and spills out into the Northern Sea.

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