The Council of Shin

The Council of Shin are the primary lawmakers and judges of Shinovar. They are nominated by Bahamut and then appointed by vote of the people. They number four, not including Bahamut himself, who is a member of the council.

The current council members are as follows:

Creed, a calculating tiefling wizard. Creed wears dark red robes to accent his red skin, and has small horns that protrude along the ridge of his eyebrows.

Sienna, an excitable gnome druid. Sienna is an older gnomish woman with wild green hair. She wears a heavy fur cloak.

Sigurd, a stoic human fighter of the Darkeshi. Sigurd is a tanned brute, and wears a battle harness adorned with several bladed weapons. His bald head is betrayed by a tight ponytail protruding from the back.

Korinn, a compassionate Dragonborn paladin. Korinn is a golden dragonborn and wears silver plated armor. Her face is angular and rigid, but her eyes exude a smooth calm.


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