Shinovar (ancient draconic for City of Law) was once the seat of power of the Paragons. It was constructed almost a millennium ago, at the height of the Paragons' supremacy, under High Arcanist Izamir and Bahamut, the Platinum Dragon's direction. Through the use of a permanent enchantment concocted by the High Arcanist, the city flies on a slab of Earth, high above the clouds.

After the Elemental Lords were defeated, and the Paragons departed, Bahamut repurposed the city to his own ends. Then, after his war with Scalestone and Tiamat, soon after the defeat of the Elemental Lords, he was forced into hiding. Since then, Shinovar has become nothing more than legend.


Shinovar is not a large city, and it is not a complicated city by design, but it is a majestic one. Each of its rectangular buildings are seemingly crafted from pure platinum, and are perfectly aligned and placed in ordered rows. Each road seems to lead exactly where you would expect, and perfectly connect to various landmarks around the city.

The city is shaped like an octagon, except on it's northeastern corner where the Earth beneath it juts out like a peninsula, and is divided into several districts. The vertices of the octagon are each protected by large towers, stationed by archers, warriors, and mages alike.

Originally each district of the city was the estate of one of the Nine Paragons, but since Bahamut's repurpose, they have become more generalized. What remains now are the District of War, the District of Trade, the District of Home, and the District of Law.

District of War

The District of War is where the household guard of Shinovar lives and trains. The Barracks and Training Grounds are found here. The Leygate can also be found here, on the western edge of the District, on an extended platform called The Landing.

District of Trade

The District of Trade is where the craftsmen of Shinovar come to peddle their wares. The primary location of this district is a long rectangular building known as the Crafting Lodge. Within is a network of forges, mills, tanneries, and apothecaries that are eager to equip new adventurers and residents of the city. Outside of the lodge, food and general supply vendors dot the streets in an orderly fashion.

District of Home

The District of Home is where any non-military citizens reside. Shinovar is not a large city, and is home to only a few more than 500 people. Each building here looks exactly the same as the next: small squared abodes arranged in blocks. This district is also residence to the only tavern: the Broken Shin, a very large establishment meant to house almost the entire population at times, 

On the northeastern edge of the district is a peninsula of verdant green pasture and various trees. This is the Druid's Grove, and many people of the city come there to find peace.

District of Law

The District of Law is the district at the very center of the city. It houses the Library and Temple, but it's most obvious landmark is the Great Court: a soaring octagonal tower plastered with the shining symbol of the Paragons.

Outside of the Great Court, a row of statues representing the Paragons stands guard.


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