Joppa - The Pellar

Joppa is the local soothsayer for the village of Brindale. He is short and walks supported by his gnarled quarterstaff. His hair is thinning and gray, but long, and his beard is still thick and natural. 

He has lived in Brindale since he was a young boy, and was raised by the priestesses living in the Gardens of Augury. He is a kind man, but firm in his duty. In his old age, he is beginning to wonder if he will always be able to protect his home, especially as the world fights against such great forces.

When a group of adventurer's arrived in the village and inquired of the location of the Stone of Second Sight, he eagerly wished to help them. He knew, however, that he must only reveal such secrets to trustworthy folk. He set them upon several dire tasks before showing them the location of the Gardens of Augury, and granting them entry.


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