Avonia is an ancient land, and much of its history has been lost to time. A timeline of major recollected events follows:

  • The Primordial Age
    • Nothing is currently known of this time.
  • The First Age, The Age of the Dragon. An age of desolation, dragons, and order.
    • The First Age was a long period of emptiness and calm in the earliest ages of Avonia. During this time, only Arch Dragons existed on the barren planet called Gaea.
  • The Second Age, The Age of the Element. An age of powerful magic, terrible storms, and chaos.
    • The Arrival of the Elements: wherein the Elemental Lords first arrived on Gaea, reshaped the land forever, and placed new life upon it.
    • The Ascension of the Emerald Empire: wherein the magically resistant and long-lived elves ascended to civilization first among the new life planted upon Gaea. They used this collective power to subjugate much of the other races on Avonia, especially humans. 
    • The War of the Sovereign: wherein a war was fought between the Emerald Empire (also known as the Tyrn'elthed), and their rebel slaves, the Free People's of the Dune. After a long campaign, the Free People's were able to overthrow their elven masters.
    • The Creation of the Staff of Law: wherein a group of adventurers crafted a powerful staff to banish the Elemental Lords.
  • The Third Age, The Age of the Paragon. An age of exploration, humanity, and turmoil.
    • The Banishment of the Elements: wherein the Elemental Lords were banished from Gaea by a group of stoic adventurers.
    • The Eruption in the Emerald Wilds: wherein a large formation of quartz crystal was infused with enough chaos energy that it erupted and laid waste to the surrounding lands.
    • The Battle of Andwynne: wherein creatures of elemental chaos invaded Fortress Andwynne.
    • The Cleansing of the Stone of Second Sight: wherein a group of heroes cleansed the divination stone of corrupting chaotic energies. 

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