Fortress Andwynne - Keep

Sovereignty: The Empire of the Green Crown

Population: Shrinking (~300)

Prosperity: Poor

Defenses: Garrison (~200)

Fortress Andwynne has stood for almost one thousand years, and is one of the oldest keeps in Avonia. It was erected during the War of the Sovereign, and served as a pivotal locale during the Great Battle of Andwynne. It is named after the first Elven Emperor, Andwynne the Sovereign.


Fortress Andwynne stands on the border between The Emerald Wilds and the Elven kingdom proper, just on the Eastern shore of the Andwynne River. It is built in the center of five ancient Ironwood Oaks, and its Western gate watches over the river. It is an old keep, but is well-kept and considered a proud monument to elven legacy. The walls are molded from the outer four Ironwood Oaks, and surround the fortress in a tangled and root-like wooden armor. The walls look naturally embedded into the giant Oaks, almost as if the fortress itself was grown from the land.


Fortress Andwynne has stood for over nine centuries, and was one of the first keeps built after the Tyrn’elthed claimed sovereignty over The Emerald Expanse. It was originally built by elven geomancers who molded the five Ironwood Oaks surrounding it into the architecture of the keep, and has served as the final bastion of defense for the kingdom of Elves since its inception. It has seen bloody war all throughout its existence, and there are rumors that the spirits of its walk in its shadows. Aen’Shaed, the First Sovereign of the Tyrn’elthed, commanded Fortress Andwynne when it was first erected, and held victory over many battles here to help claim the land for his people. Many of the more recent conflicts have been with Colkirk, a human settlement just outside the Emerald Expanse. It is owed fealty by many villages and towns surrounding it, and keeps regular trade with the nearby village of Silverwell.


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