Colkirk - State of Koedda

Colkirk is the closest State to The Emerald Expanse, and frequently spats with the Elves there. In addition, Elven runaways are known to settle not far outside the woods, and often become citizens of Colkirk.


The lands of Colkirk are dominated by wetlands along the northern coast of Avonia, some forest land stretching into the Emerald Wilds to the east, and a small stretch of plains in the south.

The wetlands in the north are scarred by dozens of small rivers and tributaries, creating a great marsh.


The people that settled here were not the ones who fought here for its independence. Many of the soldiers who fought for Koedda during the War of the Sovereign moved far from the frontlines, hoping to avoid their grief, and settle in a less tumultuous place.

This land has changed hands between many States throughout its history, until several hundred years ago when Chaplin Colkirk fought for its independence and established a firm hold. 

Now the people here believe in perseverance and strength, something that's required to live along the border of the Emerald Wilds. Many of them worship local deities and spirits, but their are also several shrines dedicated to Karia the Diviner, one of the Nine Paragons.



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