Marra Greenhill

Marra Greenhill

Marra is an easy-going halfling navigator with an eidetic memory who wants to see the whole world and harbors an abiding hatred of monstrous humanoids. 



Curious, brave, and loyal. Marra loves exploring which is what lead her to being a navigator, tends to be friendly and caring to most people she first meets (Exception being monstrous humanoids which she will not trust at all) she is also loyal to the rest of the crew to the point of doing not so wise things if any of them are in trouble.


To see and explore the world


Navigator Marra Greenhill (f, halfling, 32-years-old): A master navigator, Marra has a near-perfect memory and can navigate almost as easily without charts as with them. She grew up on the streets after he parents were slaughtered by “savages,” and she nurses a hatred for monstrous humanoids still, a fact that is not lost to Zarcole.


Marra Greenhill by Kevin Mack and Lucas Curell


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