Brenar Corvian - m, human, 42-years-old

Brenar Corvian
  • Affiliation: Sailor on Sea Darter
  • Family: Wife, two sons, and a daughter (twin to the youngest son).

Brenar's Tale

A rough human sea dog with a bark more dangerous than his bite, Brenar is the man to see if you need something fixed.


Rough, worn, and dirty. Brenar is an average sized, squared-built man with short brown hair that has started to gray prematurely. His skin shows the ravage of the sun and sea and is deeply tanned and leathered. He wears a rough-spun linen shirt and pants, often dusty from woodworking. The old sea dog has done a turn or two on a privateer ship, where he learned to fight with a pair of short blades, he is rarely found without them. 


Direct, outspoken, and fair. Brenar is a simple man, who calls things as he sees them. When something is done right, he says so, and when mistakes are made, he says to too. His blunt nature often rubs others the wrong way, especially those with authority who think they should be spared the rough side of Brenar's tongue. Nevertheless, most recognize he's an old salt who knows that he's talking about and can see the sense in his words. 


Improve his family’s lot. Son of a sailor, who followed in his father's footsteps, Brenan hopes to spare his own family the hard life of sailing and whaling that he has known. He sees the sea as no place for his children, and socks away every copper he earns hoping to earn enough to send his children to academy, or perhaps buy them a valuable apprenticeship. 


Whittling. Brenar is often seen with a knife and a piece of wood in his hand, which usually ends up as some sort of sea creature, figure from legend, or small boat. HIs cabin is littered with the cast-off remnants of pieces he never finished, and a few treasured creations he's bringing home for his children. 

On Sea Darter

It was at the behest of the first mate that Brenar joined the crew of Sea Darter, three years earlier, and in that time he's proven his worth not only as a carpenter, but also as the de facto surgeon, dentist, and barber. His abrupt and outspoken nature has made him plenty of enemies aboard the vessel, but Frostbeard keeps him around despite this given his value to the ship. Aside from the first mate, the ship's officers can barely tolerate Brenar, avoiding him as much as possible, a situation suits Brenar just fine. 

  • Rivalries: Brenar ruffles a lot of feathers, but few as often as Captain Frostbeard himself. There's no doubt the captain would have pitched Brenar overboard long ago but for friendship with the first mate. For his part, Brenar feels Frostbeard tends towards recklessness, a fact he's never shy about pointing out. 


Brenar Corvian by Andre Roy and Lucas Curell. 


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