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Elindra is a world full of interesting people, places, and traditions. Here you will find rules that were created for the world, available for use with your DM's permission. 


  • Ela

  • A race of icy fey usually only seen during the holiday season.
  • Goblins

  • In the Southlands of Elindra live goblins who have leveraged both technology and magic to gain a reputation as master merchants and craftsmen.
  • Guardians

  • The guardians are a race of golem-like creatures brought into being by the Southland goblins.
  • Moguren

  • These elusive mushroom folk live in the deep forests and humid caverns of Elindra.
  • Orcs

  • The orcs of Elindra are a widely varied race, though all are renowned for their strength and courage.
  • Revenant

  • Revenants are a race of intelligent undead and come in many forms.

Denizens of Eluade

  • Rat-Thing

  • Grotesque rat-like creatures with disturbingly human visages.
  • Ro

  • Savage, goat-like humanoids distantly related to satyrs.
  • Serpentfolk

  • A secretive race of snake people whose home is rumored to exist somewhere within the mysterious islands of Eluade.

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