Though this Atlas is primarily concerned with the geography of the Three Fold Empire and its nearest neighbors, Elindra is an expansive world. Beyond the lands of the Empire are great swaths of grassland, jungle, and mountains. Other continents lie beyond the great ocean, though little was known of them before the war, and less still about their fate now.  Beneath the surface of the planet lies an entire civilization of the dark halfs, grimlocks and drow and duergar who dwell forever out of the light of Elindra's sun, and deeper still the yawning pits of the Abyss. Still beyond the terrestrial shores of the planet are Elindra's thirteen moons, several of which are known to harbor life, and still further beyond those is the Great Void, wherein yet other planets may exist, the life on them unknown and alien. 

  • The Abyss

  • Beneath the surface of Elindra lies a vast underground world known very little to the people of the surface.

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