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Firewatch Founding Address

Listen, you need to understand, you're new here.

No, I know, you have been here as long as the rest of us.  I mean, you people are new here.

Don't give me that look, you know what I'm talking about.  You... people like you, Megas.  You're new, and nobody is quite sure where you're supposed to fit in with everything else.  It's like 5 years ago, someone flipped a switch and everything we know has changed.

Every alphabet agency has briefings, and they all talk about this "confluence of technology development" like it's something anyone saw coming.  Stem cell programming, genome sequencing, language processing AI, quantum computing, polymer batteries, Darrow's PEDOT cluster for artificial neurons, capsid-based DNA sequencers; the list starts to sound a little ridiculous, and for good reason.  Any one of these things would have changed human life irrevocably, but all of them... ?  Man, it's a miracle we're not in some kind of Mad Max desert car hell at this point.

Think about it this way: when our biggest problem was nukes, we were big, slow countries with knives at each others throats.  Anybody moves and we all die, and nobody wanted that, not really.  So we were safe... well, okay, yeah, safe isn't the right word.  Frozen?  But now, imagine that you've got nukes everywhere, in everyone's back pocket, and mutually assured destruction doesn't mean shit to someone who doesn't think they can die.  

So that's really why you're here.  The idea of mutually assured destruction has given way to a hundred-thousand independent, unpredictable actors, and we need people, trustworthy people, to deal with them.  We don't even both using the word "terrorism" anymore; it doesn't mean shit when everyone is afraid.  And they're right to be afraid, they aren't safe.  Police can't fight this kind of problem; armies can't march against this; hell, we can barely hold some of you sons-of-bitches in a prison cell!


What are you here to do?  The "fear" part isn't your problem.  I'm sure you've seen the "League"  on every feed: all gorgeous, square-jawed, wrapped in spandex and neon-colors, saving babies from trees, kissing cats, and punching bad guys.  Don't think that's an accident: that's your PR, and you should be excited that they're out there, otherwise it would be torches and pitchforks from sea to shining sea.  But "in the spotlight" isn't the place to be if you want to get something really done.  

And getting things done is what the Strategic Homeland Division is about.  Here in the Division, you and units like you comprise the FireWatch, our mega-tech capable units.  You will be dropped into situations with no support, little intel, and less hope of a viable outcome.  You will be outnumbered, behind lines of engagement, and potentially facing shit we have never seen.  It will be hard, and often thankless work, but it is instrumental in ensuring the safety of this country and all the people in it.  

Welcome to FireWatch.  We're glad you're here, lets get to work.

~ Commander Louis Chang

The Division

The Strategic Homeland Division was created by Presidental Directive 51 in the wake of Operation Dark Winter.  Envisioned as a last line of   

Organized in independent cells, embedded in regular populations.


Firewatch is the mega-tech arm of the Division.  

The League

Formally know as the League of the Stalwart, the "League" is the most well-known group of publicly operating megas in the world. 


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