Congregation of the Four Divines - Religious Order

The Congregation of the four divines is a religious order based in Loth Loyne.  The order was started during the first war of the Northern Kings in response to the consolidation of Northern power. The war had brought great imbalance to the Archipelago. The equilibrium maintained by the Diplomats for the last two thousand years was quickly being destroyed. The Loth Diplomats funded the creation of the order and were its first leaders.  Junior Diplomats were chosen to oversee the early years of the order and some even shifted their life paths to become the first Lord Divines.  The order is headed by four Lord Divines representing the four elements that Balania uses to keep the natural world in balance.  Lord divine of Fire, Water, Wind and Earth.  Each Lord Divine has their Elemental temple from where they project their influence as they see necessary.  Each Lord Divine is charged with keeping the elemental balance in the Archipelago.  Balania was once a mighty Goddess with over a million followers.  The first war of the Northern Kings resulted in the death of  one quarter of her loyal followers.  A century later the great relocation brought a terrible two decades long conflict to Southern Dak slaughtering over one hundred thousand tribal souls and some ten thousand followers of Balania.  The Horde invasion of 377 


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