Hundreds of years ago, myconid tribes laid claim to several miles of jungle stretching between the Pebblefollow River and the Bent Hills. Despite their low rate of reproduction, their long lifespan allowed their clan to grow over the decades and reach several hundred in size. Early animistic druids established contact with the myconids and were tolerated in the area.

The years passed, and the druids kept their vigil and their residence in the dense, fog-covered land. Their numbers eventually became the Order of the Sunless, sanctifying the ground in several areas and using their influence to keep attention away from the grove.

Alas, as most tales go, the days of peace and quiet were numbered. A menace grew to the southwest, with humanoid tribes forcing their way into the area. A fell and terrible leader bound the clans together under the banners of a Tiamatic cult and prepared to sweep across the lands in their march for war against the nearby City-State of Polickara. The druids caught wind of this attack and succeeded in crushing the invading army by triggering an earthquake that dropped a hug slab of land onto the caves the humanoids had used for invasion. The terrible leader lost heart and fled, as did the myconids whose home was now fractured by the druid’s defense. The Pebblefollow River was diverted and created a great waterfall into the newly created basin.

Over time, the jungle extended down into the cavern and covered it with its greenery. The druids kept their vigil over the great cave calling it Canopy Cave and protecting it from humanoid incursions from above, and now from below, as the caves connecting the underdark to the surface now lay exposed.

Benign travelers and adventurers came to explore the cavern. The adventuring company The Iron Wanderers staged an expedition into the underdark, meeting with evil foes and establishing allies in the deep. At their return, some of their remaining members established a tavern at the cave’s edge. This was quickly followed by a small outpost of Polickara (now a neighboring kingdom) placed at the lip of the massive cavern that dove down into the darkness, there to keep vigil against the gloomy terrors that would come up from the bowels of the earth and threaten the people of the surface. Contact was made with deep gnome and deep dwarf communities, and trade and treaties followed.

More buildings were fashioned, yet the druids demanded no one encroach upon the forest land. So, the outpost grew to a settlement, and that settlement a town, and that town a city, all the time sprawling down the side of the cavern to the shores of a cold dark underground lake below. Where once winches and elevator platforms brought travelers up and down the treacherous cliff face, ornate stairways and sloping alleys formed hundreds of switchbacks up and down the granite cliff. Houses and shops were carved out, more pathways and passages discovered. Now, hundreds of streets, terraces, stairways, slides, chambers and buildings intertwine across thousands of square feet along the cliff surface. Temples and shrines dedicated to gods stand tall next to coster houses and mercenary strongholds, each plying their trade back and forth between the surface and underdark under the watchful eye of The Silver Shields.

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