Clandenstone, the City of Stairs

Sweeping lanes of narrow stone describe undulating pathways across the jungle floor. A deep sinkhole captures sunlight and the galloping fall of the river to fill its bowl with towering trees and sprawling greenery. Decorated paths and manicured gardens pay honor to gods and goddesses of nature’s heart. A yawning mouth of stone gapes into the darkness, stout stone towers and walls taking the place of teeth. A cliff of granite dives hundreds of feet into the underdark, as streams dance through terraces and streets, down curves and steps, to join below the frigid waters of Chalkstone Lake.

Merchants ply wares from the surface to their brethren below ground. Soldiers watch steep drops and winding stairways. They dive and climb with magic to patrol the myriad levels, keeping the Silver Council’s peace by word and deed. Harlots beckon for a night of lusting fire; gamblers throw coins and lives on games, and the pious and zealous alike cry their gods’ tenets out windows carved from the rock. Families live among sprawling mansions or survive in cluttered and crowded chambers. Harsh smoke boils from hovels and shacks piled like discarded crates on the shores of the lake.

The lights of glow-balls and torches and cook fires fill the massive chamber with flickering light. Avenues of color wind like multi-hued snakes from the airy surface to the claustrophobic shadows of The Deepshores.

Adventurers, poets, and dreamers gaze down thousands of feet to the depthless shadows of the cavern of Clandenstone, the City Of Stairs

The City of Stairs, The City Of Copper Coffers, The Face Of Men. Clandenstone has many names among the races of both the surface and the underdark. The cliff-side city serves as an important point of trade and residence for thousands of people of all bloods and creeds, and offers countless opportunities to scholars, merchants and adventurers.

Originally established as a simple rest stop between trade routes opened between the surface and the lands below, Clandenstone grew as demand for goods, services, and relaxation increased with every successful undertaking. Now hundreds of shops, inns, taverns, temples, and homes fill the numerous levels of the city.



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