ARK - The Elder Construction

  • Created: October 3rd 2020
  • Updated: October 5th 2020

When Ulfgrim Nafnisson awoke on the ARK alongside other members of his star-faring clan, he immediately set about building some semblance of civilization. Together, they built the village of Nyrheim on the cliffs overlooking a pristine bay. Initially focusing on survival and limited to the primitive materials available to them, the clan quickly found ways to craft the things they needed. When the first of the ARKs inhabitants came to investigate, the vikings did not even blink at their dinosaur visitors.

Rather, the clan looked upon these creatures as a challenge. It was not uncommon to see vikings afield, gathering berries and such to befriend those dinosaurs whose curiosity likely overrode their caution. Using these new friends, the clan set their sights ever higher on more powerful creatures, even learning methods of taming strange dinosaurs comprised of a mix of technology and flesh.

And ever looming above the industrious village of Nyrheim stood a ruined castle above a swamp. Ulfgrim and his wife, Hildr, took a force of vikings to free it from the horrors that dwelt within. The trek was long and arduous, and the hellish giant bats and spider-kin slew their fair share of noble warriors. However, with a mix of the clan's tamed dinosaurs and the legendary (in some place and time) Ulfgrim stubbornness, the clan prevailed. Ulfgrim named his new acquisition Svelhim, in honor of the mighty vessel that served as his capital ship.

With several dinosaurs fit for mounts, Ulfgrim bid his clan range far and wide. The more they knew about their new world, he reasoned, the better they could survive its dangers. His riders regularly brought home tales of strange technological wonders, even stranger creatures, and some even returned with tales of other burgeoning civilizations and visitors from such.

Ulfgrim, perhaps uncharacteristically, offered all they encountered a clasped forearm in fellowship, and took all into the clan who wished it. His time among the stars had taught him that humanity worked better when it worked together. Perhaps in a cosmic bid to sate the traditional Viking battlelust, however, not all groups accepted the offer of assimilation and comradeship. It left several settlements and realms in a somewhat hostile state.

However, rumors have begun to reach Svelhim of things - of strange, malformed creatures crawling out of the dark places of the world. Any brave soul who trekked into the deep dark of the caverns below was lost, and never returned...


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