Anonhatea - Continent of the civilized world


Anonhatea is where we exist; the water and the mountain contain us. For now.

Intro to Anonhateya

Anonhateya is a region bounded to the North by a Mountain Range and the Frozen Plains Beyond; to the East by the Ocean and the Realms of the Isles; to the South by another mountain Range beyond which lay lands that once formed a great empire; and to the West is the Inner Sea.  The land forms a kind of rectangle which is longer East/West than North/South. It is wider at the western end than the eastern.

Three great rivers dominate the lands. One flows from the inner sea all the way east to the ocean and one flows from the cold northern peaks in to the great river while another flows out of the southern peaks to join the great river. The central and wider river forms the main artery of trade, with the northern river giving access to the mines of the North-West. The southern river is dominated by the secluded half-elves.

Humans dominate the region. The eastern portion of the region is claimed by the Kingdom of Cernaunce though their glory days are three hundred years in the past. In the heart of the region is the small independent realm of Gleannmark which once owed fealty to Cernaunce. The western portion of the region is wider than the eastern. The five warring kingdoms of Avonwaran dominate this region but tucked away in the South is the half-elven realm of Ganoenswaran, which is shut to all others. In the North-West the dwarven realms of the Shieldryn produce much of the ores and precious metals found in Anonhateya. Nestled between the Shieldryn and Avonwaran is the savage forest of Anishna’adyn, home of human barbarian tribes. Between the Shieldryn/Anisnna’adyn and the Gleannmark/Cernaunce areas is a human border realm called Amiskwistyn. Nestled in the northern mountains just North-West of Amiskwintyn is the elven kingdom of Ana’aidyn. And finally the islands of the coast are divided in to two kingdoms: Dallaedan claims the southern four islands and Mystelheim claims the larger northern island and some of the mainland fjords bordering the Frozen Plains.

Four human languages are spoken along with elvish and dwarfish. Cernaunce and Amiskwintyn speak merovian; Avonwaran shares the edan language with the former imperial lands to the south; and sandwiched in between these two, Gleannmark and Dallaedan speak kalgali. Thagarian is the common language of trade and learning.

Places of interest


Hub of exchange between the different Anonhatea races, merchants rule the three independent cities.


Northern mountains and forest. Impreneble, ancient kingdom.


A land dominated by an immense forest, where human barbarian tribes rule.


A conflict striken region. Orcs, half-elves and humans try to establish dominance


Heart of Anonhatea, human dominated, coal as main wealth.

Kingdom of Cernaunce

A still powerful human kingdom, the largest of Anonhatea


In the Northwest of Anonhatea, a stalbe dwarvent kingdom, partly under the Mountains, where the rare gems and ore abound.


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