What is Entity Builder?

Entity Builder

Entity Builder™ delivers a suite of easy-to-use, flexible
tools to the player and game master alike that enable quick
and easy character or creature creation. You'll never be 
without your character sheet again. 

Interactive Character Sheet

Your character sheet itself shows all your skills,
powers, feats, defenses - everything that makes
up your character. And our integrated Dice Roller
makes rolling checks as easy as a click. 

Flexible Design

Designed to work with any rule system, Entity Builder™
allows you to build functional house rules right into
your character. Add and configure skills, new powers,
spells... anything you need. The flexible design makes
creating and tracking these things simple. 

Grows With You

Everything you do inside Entity Builder™ makes
it easier next time. As you add game content,
it is stored with your account and available for other
characters or creatures. 

Works for Game Masters

All the power of the Character Builder is available
to Game Masters in Creature Builder as
well. And just like adding new feats or spells,
as more monsters are added they're available for
you to use anytime!

More great Entity Builder™ features include: 

Stock Art

Included with your account is access to our stock art
library with more than 100 pictures and growing!
Of course if you have your own pictures you can load
that up too. 

Campaign Integration

If your Game Master is also using The City of Brass,
your character can be integrated directly into
the Campaign Manager page. This gives your GM access
to your sheet anytime and allows other players to
see your overview page (if you have the
permissions set to allow it). 


You decide who can see your character. Both your
overview page and your character sheet itself
have a privacy setting allowing you to easily create a public
and private sheet. 



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