What is Story Builder?

Story Builder

Bring your adventures to life with Story Builder™.
Story Builder™ gives you a place to write and run the games
your friends love to play. 


Whether you're working on a stand-alone mission
or a sweeping campaign, Story Builder™ has you
covered by keeping everything easily organized
and available to you anywhere.

Easy to Use

You worry about writing a great adventure, and let 
Story Builder™ take care of the boring stuff.
Our relationship manager automatically handles
the connections inside your adventure, and with our
flexible tag system, and a fully-customizable menu,
you'll find organizing your adventure is a breeze. 

Feature Rich

Story Builder™ was created by GMs for GMs. It
includes options for formatting, simple interlinking, 
integration with Entity Builder, and player handouts
that suppress the adventure menu, keeping your
secrets hidden until your ready to let them out. 

Packed full of Extras

 A growing library of stock artwork and maps
is right at your fingertips. And that's just what's there now. 
We have plans to bring in characters, NPCs, monsters, and even
completed adventures ready for your use!

More great Story Builder™ features include: 

Entity Integration

Easy interlinking between creatures you have created
in Entity Builder™, and adventures you write in Story Builder™
makes creating encounters and adventures as 
easy as it's ever been. 

Campaign Integration

Story Builder™ was built with Campaign Manager™ in
mind. Link your adventure directly from the campaign
and get easy access to characters, house rules, and 
all the great features of Campaign Manager. 




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