FAQ - General Questions

Does City of Brass have rules pre-populated for [game system]?

Yes, we have stock rules for some game systems, and are constantly adding to our library. 

Currently, we have the following stock rules loaded:

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game
- Core Rulebook (feats, spells, items)
- Bestiary I (A-O), and satyr, tarrasque, wolf and zombie)
- Bestiary II (brownie)

- Core Rulebook (feats, spells)

d20 Modern
- Core Rulebook (feats)

d20 Future
- Core Rulebook (feats)

Fate Core
- Core rulebook (stunts)

- WOIN Rules Reference Document (archaic and modern items, attribute exploits)

We are continually adding additional content, but if there is something you'd like added post it to this Symposium thread and we'll try to get it included.


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