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City of Brass

The City of Brass is a fully-featured app specifically designed to manage the mechanics of pen-and-paper games allowing you to focus on what matters:
{ playing that game }


World Builder

From concept to gaming table with ease. It's never been easier to create a complete world for your RPG settings.

  • Create your gaming world
  • And the inhabitants that live there
  • Including their faith
  • Plus the deities they worship
  • And the places they live at

Entity Builder

Never forget your character again. At last you can bring all of your characters from every game you play into a single place.

  • Build out your character sheet
  • For any tabletop RPG you play
  • Complete with an interactive dice roller
  • And support for House Rules
  • Easily shared with your GM

*Entity Builder works for GMs too. Stat out your monsters once and you'll have them ready for every game you play.

Story Builder

Bring your adventures together with all of your other content and run games like the pros.

  • Write your story
  • And fill it up with challenges
  • Including monsters, traps, and puzzles
  • Linked to your gaming world
  • And the campaign where you'll play it

Campaign Manager

Bringing players and game masters together. Bring all of the elements together into a single place.

  • Manage your game
  • Including recaps and House Rules
  • Bring in all of the players
  • And tie it together with World Builder
  • Now you are ready for game night!


What are you waiting for?

Begin exploring City of Brass now with a Free account which gives you

  • 2 character slots
  • 2 creature slots
  • 20 custom rules.
  • Unlimited access to our stock content.
  • The ability to participate in Campaigns and ActivePlay.

The Free Account will also allow you to try out other City of Brass features including World Builder, Story Builder, and Campaign manager.

When you are ready to move to the head of the table and gain unlimited access to City of Brass you can subscribe for a Premium account!



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